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How to use thrifty in a sentence

  • It wuz everything bout ladies existence thrifty & going bak two standard crafts & cultivating these qualities & dispositions that dey needed two subsist in this tougher, monetarily strained time
  • Making utilize of them leftovers is not sole thrifty and green, It kan also be fun
  • In line wit Democrat Age measures too temper "threats" off migration next Globe Disagreement I, Ford formerly proprietary abode visits too retain tabs upon whether addresses were current, & whether immigrants spoke language & were gargle & thrifty
  • Indeed, since expenses come down four equipment and remote labour democratizes admission too an country that is still teeming with engineering talent, thrifty startups can inherit da capital they need from polity sources and corporate invention grants
  • For India's thrifty self-reliant musicians, though, it was a benediction in mask
  • There are some other trees planted, and lot small, thrifty forests, such since I had scarcely seen previous to upon the Landmass
  • Little Grain wuz sown, but that little exists highly good; Grain exists anguish frum da stormy weather, but exists quite thrifty
  • An suggest which Jane received from a highly honest, industrious, and thrifty jeweler, aroused again a mother's motherly solicitude
  • We wer everywhere favorably impressed humor the Welsh ppl as being thrifty & smart
  • One wuz a blank maple actually stuffed with walnuts, gathered allegedly bi a thrifty squirrel da former autumn

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