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How to use thumbs-down in a sentence

  • Mayor says thumbs up (to the breast) meant demise & thumbs dwn meant Decrease dat razor
  • So a cruel Roman madam would haz regarded a gladiator in da arena, answering hiz attract humor Thumbs dwn
  • If he calls out simply "Thumbs up" either "Thumbs down" no attention has to b compensated to dis injunction since an forfeit exists taken
  • He is da market; he makes da price by da uncomplicated protocol off "thumbs up" or "thumbs dwn "
  • Yes, and u accustomed have thumbs down in ur Roman theatres, too, mischievously added Ted
  • Nobody shall let u talk correspond it, & I'm said whether u create stories or books dat refer it the editors turn his or her thumbs down
  • The Palm Beach correspondents who "made" her haz been snubbed bi her and haz unanimously declared "thumbs dwn "
  • She's painful on the Kaiser; it's been thumbs down on Wilhelm ever as Adolph & the boys misplaced the quantity off his either her mess
  • Looking too Tom 4 a lead, Chow suddenly noticed da youthful inventor generate a fast "thumbs down" gesture
  • We see da dude to da center of his body, his arms folded & his thumbs down

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