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How to use tie up in a sentence

  • First off all, wrap an wedge off damp newsprint noose da roots, and then tie up with dry paper
  • Bud went out with ropes too snatch & tie up da burros & his or her 2 stool horses
  • Whalers and merchantmen formerly owned to tie up there an century ago, where now onli angling boats come
  • "I tie up hiz dean so dat he can't see, either smell, and so go down too neighing too the else horses," I explained too her
  • He was to tie up four da eve near an lil hamlet near Marly-le-Roi
  • I presume dey consumption primeval I-beams too tie up their Xmas presents
  • Aye, inferno tie up at Cozy Haven afore sundown, nevah u fear!
  • Many an period wit longing eyes wii looked onto an sloop that used 2 tie up for the night at an quay at the isle
  • I stated that I did not rly know how good thee are, and that I wasn't going two tie up wit any gentleman aside from da best in da company
  • It isn't enough to tie up a mill, and den drape around onto street-corners four 2 months, waiting four the various flank to bestow in

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