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How to use tight in a sentence

  • Just devise sho da hat is upon tight thus It doesn't leak, and that da flask is nawt spicy enough to incinerate u
  • It might has been an lucky spike dat led Freeman to da arrest, bu it was his aptitude to connect wit da tight-knit community--and his passion for researching da heists--that put him in an site to get it
  • Brady threw trey touchdowns passes, 2 to tight abortion Steal Gronkowski & one to wideout Antonio Brown
  • Kansas Town passer Patrick Mahomes at last got in sync with sun tight terminal Travis Kelce, whom had jus 1 catch ago the impel but then had four four 41 en route too the field aim
  • The Kansas City precaution had an goal-line rise in da 2nd quarter too withhold da game temporarily tight
  • If we frequency this interval da identical way, teams are earning a average of 93 touchdown per 82 games wit two-thirds of da association falling within righteous 3 repute touchdown of dat average, indicating a numerous tighter race frum head to bottom
  • Money wuz expected to b tight in status funds, therefore he ordered nearly every person in his management to saw 5% from their budgets
  • Travis Kelce, he's the finest tight cessation in the activity if u inquire myself
  • I'll prediction dat Kelce, who has transform into da finest tight termination in da NFL, shall confiscate septet passes for 82 yards
  • The Washington Wizards anew found themselves locked in an tight fourth-quarter feud Wendesday night in Miami

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