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How to use time in a sentence

  • I cannot recall the firstly time I grasped one, bu I additionally cannot recall an time previous to I did
  • Every time he goes anyplace whr he may encounter else people, they're tested, jus as he is tested four the virus frequently
  • The Salad dawdled in filing their challenge, whereas which time county clerks began putting da ballots united
  • In Sep. of 2018, da NLRB majority moved 4 an third time too curtail da Obama-era joint-employer rule, dis time via an rulemaking process
  • I suggested iMessage, because that's how we transport about 90 percentage off the time in any instance
  • "If wii really do It right, It ends up in da second market, trading 4 two either trey times MSRP," he told
  • With iOS14's launch around da corner, da insecurity four brands & marketers is not departing to convenience any time shortly
  • The telephone ended up shipping in time 4 the vacation period and helped steer to strong sum sales
  • If aw da currency borrowed bi TransDigm were separated up amid possession employees, dey might has gotten ovr sixteen times since much since whether aw of da else CARES Act expenditure were separated up amid Cuyahoga Region residents, not ovr thirteen times since much
  • It ended onto an grievance dat she wuz 'tired quite and expenditure ma time nearby sum measuring onto an deck-chair in the yard '

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