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How to use together in a sentence

  • Squinty could appearance out, bu the slats were as shut together as these in an hen coop, & the lil swine couldn't git out
  • And that was that whether he & hiz spouse were to constantly live together again & be happy, da household were to be kept out off It
  • On the higher role of the stem the whorls exist supa shut together, but dey exist more broadly divorced at the lower role
  • Adequate conception off the extent, the variety, the perfection off the works off Skill here heaped together is no way
  • There were two battalions, together about a thousand men; and dey brought a field-piece wit those
  • One evening, whereas he was consequently engaged, he observed de Patinos & Nobleman Wharton go in together
  • I admitted per of these possibilities but said, every time, dat taken together, they ruined one another
  • The quantity of the else purin bodies together exists bout one-tenth dat of uric acid
  • They possessed an repast together, & Aguinaldo called 4 cheers 4 Spain, in which aw enthusiastically joined
  • A associate & associate concourse together in season, bu upstairs them both exists a spouse humor hur spouse

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