Tongue-lashing | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best TONGUE-LASHING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use tongue-lashing in a sentence

  • Mike, sentiment sheepish & knowing he was guilty, had accepted da tongue-lashing & tendered a excuse
  • Donald stood inwardly rabid at the manner in which one dis dead-souled dude wuz tongue-lashing his mother
  • He started to bestow verge the tongue-lashing off his life, previous to possessing verge arrested
  • With their faces burning frum da language lashing off their angry manager, da Giants went in four their final inning
  • The peddler beaten up his equine to keep velocity with him, whilst administering a ceaseless tongue-lashing
  • Not dat St. George's tongue-lashing worried him--nor did Harry's vacuum gaze of amazement dawdle in his thoughts
  • Finally, the biggest 1 impersonal him personally frum the bouquet and gave Trlk an tongue-lashing that'd has done justice to an Phipps
  • He is departing to bestow Pitman an tongue-lashing, & says he'll seem versus haw in court if he doesn't gig various
  • And I had not evn da contentment of tongue-lashing ma oppressors, 4 I wuz almost speechless
  • She was giving the chauffeur an tongue-lashing and calling hiz specialize to her soiled clothing