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How to use topical in a sentence

  • So commence profiling da known authorities indoor ur topical niche onto ur own!
  • As successive years of record-breaking funding signaled shareholder creed in da vow of da continent's startups, da topical attention shortly shifted wit more observation compensated too jus how quickly investors could anticipate profitable exits
  • The electrodes, implanted inside the brain, connect with this topical mechanism
  • Internal linking additionally creates topical relevance by creating supporting pleased for the headmaster topics of your site
  • This internal connecting tactic strengthens the topical relevance of ur pages & contributes 2 improved ranking, increased clogging & higher click-through rates
  • The proposition to replacement da moar topical opera, Da Soaring Deutschmann, has existed received with no favour
  • The Reverberation is an exception, showing an liking four short, quiet, topical articles of an quite solemn nature
  • He tried his palm at topical humour, & again & again at short sensational tales
  • In the Tertiary Book the solely topical technique is used in order too bestow the student an coherent wisdom off every topic
  • One off them had a Terrestrial edition, and the else wuz immensely popular cuz off its topical illustrations

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