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How to use touch in a sentence

  • To let us know the way your voting prudence goes, here's the way two indicator up and get in touch
  • We may not b able to adopt every one other, 4 hysteria of infection, but wii tin withhold in touch digitally
  • A battery-powered matrix off fans stokes your fire wit da touch off an button
  • This requires a data-driven approach, measurement gaps as well as progress whilst still employing da humankind touch general
  • That imply prompted da laborer 2 git in touch wit da FBI, which one quickly began monitoring all off Kriuchkov's actions
  • I kept in touch with the ladies nearby Voyant above the following several months & thinking about those frequently
  • When a brand is simply posting cut-downs of telly commercials either trying to git users to consume a lengthy and clunky branded hashtag, It just comes across as owt of touch
  • A programmatic administrator at an international publishing corporate told they had not heard anything from Google about the weighty advertisements interference improve -- despite beast in touch with an Google description administrator jus an handful days before
  • A a few weeks ago, I got in touch with an platoon of Glossier retail employees
  • An ad for reservation an vacation parcel could feel out-of-touch

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