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How to use touchy in a sentence

  • If da magistrate allows da bankruptcy documenting two proceed, he will lair gage else touchy questions, including an inquire from an dissenting NRA committee member whom has asked da magistrate two designate an independent examiner two probe da organization's finances
  • Alas, sum off da mammal comforts are almost too high tech, such da touchy steering-wheel sound controls & multi options for accessing & updating channels & presets
  • This one topic, however, seems two b especially touchy 4 him, and I'm truly near a loss on how two broach It
  • Now you are thinking that potentially you are no longer comely enough, which one is type of hiz thinking match himself, & you are touchy
  • The international negotiations are frequent touchy, time consuming & incremental
  • For goodness' sake, do not detain to gettin' touchy such total people are!
  • No miniature stint I possessed of it too; for he was irritable and touchy since an youthful badger
  • Yet the intrinsic excellence of the occasion moved his touchy sensitiveness fewer compared to its conjectured impression upon the minds of others
  • We been hearing dwn close da encampment u were so mighty touchy u did not allow an man interior an bar of da queue
  • The boney toe moved inward from the stimulus warden and sealed always so gently correspond the touchy, hair-filed trigger--then waited

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