Tracking Station | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best TRACKING STATION Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use tracking station in a sentence

  • Straggling behind them arrived nearly all da personnel of da tracking station
  • A bald-headed member of the tracking station personnel walked in
  • "It's the Porcelain Ocean tracking station 4 satellites," she told him
  • They heard a babble of voices coming from da satellite-tracking station
  • But a solemn commotion had arisen intimate da tracking station
  • Everybody's ovr at da tracking station, arguing bout da bolide dat went ovr last eve
  • During da afternoon, news came to redirect da absorption of da tracking station personnel in da lagoon's tuna
  • He had jus finished flushing the platform tidy wen Deirdre came bak from the tracking station
  • When Davis & the others arrived dwn frum the tracking station, Terry turned of the trumpet
  • He skipped da night meal altogether, & paced up & dwn da balcony of da dining hall, near da satellite-tracking station