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  • Merchandising proprietary audience segments, tradition segmentation -- and evn norm segments via agency trading desks and DSPs -- matches how brands want to transact, trey decades in2 the digital marketing riot
  • So it's allowing us to dilate our client foundation by being relevant in the manner dat they are looking to disclose and eventually transact
  • Over the past week, the Treasury Bough have proposed a regulation that might require banks and exchanges resemble Coinbase to testify the identity off supposed unhosted devices and program wallets that kan transact in Bitcoin and else cryptocurrencies
  • The fiction app is redesigned surrounding "relationships," importance it puts da friends & businesses ppl transact with majority often fore & centre
  • The way we transact with every one dissimilar and behaviour company have changed a much in da last ten years
  • Of them surveyed, 71 percent stated they possessed already started planning 4 an future with no cookies, & hundred percent stated transacting upon first-party input will engage an important portion in construction their post-cookies strategies
  • No one is permitted to transact with sanctioned entities, the Vault Bough warned Thursday in an advisory
  • A dial so to transact any corporate that may b lawfully presented is not satisfactory
  • It exists only too transact some upper corporation dat evn Apollo dare drama the absentee frum Admetus
  • The mischief of da termination exists da large dose of linen to b attended to, and da miniature era remaining to transact it in

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