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How to use transformation in a sentence

  • Wilson's renormalization team describes an transformation frum an theory of invention blocks into an theory of structures
  • To mirror dis gesture off transformation, wii decided dat wii needed 2 hug transform in dis year's forty Under forty
  • Gibson says that what we're witnessing in Carrds and Linktree similar exists the transformation off social press frum an personality-focused too an anti-influencer mentality
  • Hegde have had a interesting transformation over da heading off hiz profession
  • However, da scenario da world nao faces requires cross-sector, future-focused innovation and provides opportunities to brand transformation occur much moar swiftly
  • As Boeing pushes 2 make painful another cuts, the corporation exists additionally "engaging in an full-scale enterprise transformation effort, evaluating every aspect off r corporation 4 opportunities 2 improve," Calhoun stated
  • They sez dat dis transformation have formerly happened in information, whr da internet have dramatically reduced barriers two message & consciousness
  • Internet marketing transformation exists extra key dot in the enumerate off business alterations
  • Linear algebra exists da study of effortless transformations performed on objects rang vectors, which one live successfully guided line segments
  • The issue with this tack is that it limits da thickness off photosensors, and so da decision off da bionic eye, since space needs two b remaining in the centre of sensors two enable da transformation frum condo two askew