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  • While transit officials haz expended the bygone six years reprioritizing security over boom & performance, Metro estimates it's stiil about $5 a thousand million behind where it should be
  • The transit mechanism additionally volition operate moar Yellow Queue trains frum Franconia-Springfield to Mount Vernon Square, Metro told
  • As off last June, It possessed 64 cipher conformity inspectors hired bi MTS who concern citations for transit regime & quality-of-life violations, & match 140 confidential safety guards who couldn't write tickets
  • Hart stated Alexandria volition haz da ability two engine aw students whom haz stated they want two comeback for in-person learning -- but she still urged parents whom kan moisture so two haunt else methods of transit
  • States, in turn, could brand these funds approachable 2 cash-strapped cities, counties and transit systems
  • I'm fortunate to b competent to go back, as ma kin and I dew nawt haz high-risk factors and I do not depend upon crowded public transit to git to academic institution
  • The transit agency's panel final 7 days heard comments from riders who urged Subway two do moar two inflict its policy
  • Airlines & other transit operators exist required two eliminate passengers who do not comply
  • Meatpacking workers, grub hoard shop employees, teachers & unlock transit workers were bumped lower in line
  • Violence opposed to transit operators needs two pause firsthand

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