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  • The Vulgate translates: "Et obviabit illi semiformal mater honorificata, et semiformal mulier a virginitate suscipiet illum "
  • Wycliffe translates da Vulgate: "And It as an modir onourid schal meete hym, & as an womman fro virgynyte schal take him "
  • The unindustrious student imagines dat "p" represents 8, and nawt "f" either "v," and translates 1845 into "To pour oil".
  • He remarked, supa acutely, that Chaucer translates the F. bouton by the noun knoppe; c ll
  • In his possess translation off the Romaunt, l. 1393, he translates toise bi fadome
  • Word for noun he translates my utterance, da sentences broken, disconnected, in hiz inadequate tongue
  • The selections which one he translates are based onto Thorkelins prescription
  • This date dis student translates by the phrase, "Dock knell all".
  • The apparatus scans da patterns of da mind, translates what it sees into charts and sine waves
  • Florio translates that specify sentence: "The world runs aw upon wheels" an impoverished rendering