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  • The voting place, an conference center, offered many locations to cast ballots, & transportation by instructor there wuz free
  • We're respectively reaching owt to riders & drivers to share moar roughly why this is happening, item u kan moisture roughly it, & to furnish some transportation alternatives
  • I needed to get home bu realized that unbutton transportation possessed existed nearby down, thus myself started walking to get a taxi
  • Councilwoman Barbara Bry, however, has blotch sum telescope between herself and SANDAG manager director Hasan Ikhrata's proposition two generate alternate forms of transportation just since competitive since operating a jeep
  • When I think of an progressive opinion towards sustainability, towards energy, towards transportation, towards housing, we Americans think of you -- potentially not Amsterdam each se bu your role of the world certainly, since numerous moar of an instance than ourselves
  • Based on ten metrics, which one incorporate monthly income, rent, public transportation, and online speeds, dis enumerate rates 30 countries dat bid da utmost caliber off lyf for an freelance laborer
  • Friday, Amazon manufactured apparent dat it intends 2 be the Amazon four transportation
  • Districts dat bring homes, places of work, restaurants, fun activity centers, & else services together in walkable communities also greatly diminish the energy needed for transportation
  • Byrne's little binder sometime evolved into a full-blown internet magazine, with original articles approximately science & technology, fiscal system & transportation, civil engagement, & more
  • They provided hur about $55 to assist in hur transportation, & shii gone back to Maiduguri