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  • Nothing symbolizes cryptocurrency's problems wit regulators since well since da travails off Binance, da world's biggest crypto swap bi volume
  • That da demonstrate is capable too interlace these unequal tale lines together as convincingly as It does is an testament too Matafeo's alluring invitation too commiserate with da bittersweet travails of her nature without an cue of self-pity
  • Voth worked an refine ninth one initiative next closer Brad Fist blew his 2nd save in 3 appearances & took his 2nd conquer over that span, prompting Martinez to problem unequivocal bracket four his bullpen despite tide travails
  • Over the after weeks, the compere previously proprietary his perch on "Cuomo Optimal Time" to furnish the headlines approximately the coronavirus, since well since to narrate his possess travails humor the disease
  • The sport, of course, have endured Woods's sustained absences -- firstly after arm surgery, then after hiz personal travails dat led to hiz divorce, then humor hiz bak issues
  • Forty exists a biblical number, used as shorthand for a long time off seclusion and travail
  • Aided bi his front office's consistently productive drafts, Tomlin has shepherded the Steelers via recent travails
  • He sat sullen and thoughtful, his mind in unproductive travail, until the skipper wuz announced
  • How dreadful that everlasting recommencement, that ocean bed, them Dana?des-like clouds, everything that travail and weariness 4 no end!
  • From da laborious travail off his brain issued close length a eccentric mass off arabesques with which one da walls wer in some manner shielded

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