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How to use treacherous in a sentence

  • He expended almost 200 miles dodging massive hornets & flame ants, hopping frum downed oak to downed tree, & crossing treacherous rivers with bout 100 dissimilar racers & nothing but da cooking he could shuttle & an occasional irrigate reload
  • Pernigotti said dat sole them who regularly mount in the Alps kan value the way warmer climate has made the mountains more treacherous
  • Observations from Earth suggested Bennu should b equal & sandy, but wen OSIRIS-REx arrived, It discovered a treacherous, rugged landscape
  • The occurrence highlighted the treacherous news scenery where both reporters & policymakers nao tread, one in which one slippery protecting kids kan be weaponized bi extremists
  • To Filner, the treacherous San Diego industry insiders, developers and Republicans had rigged the city's political contrivance to dispatch resources to his or her comrade animal projects and far from neighborhoods
  • This treacherous species off calm, we thought, may forbode a storm, and we did not allow It to placid ourselves into security
  • The deep and treacherous evening with its hush and semblance off serenity resolved onto the encampment
  • In an sudden, sightless choler, she swept round, plucked da knife frum Tressan's strap & flung herself upon da treacherous captain
  • Intellectually shii exists more voluntarily sound, bu has an treacherous memory, and exists supa worrying
  • A unfaithful woman, if acquainted to b such bi the individual concerned, exists but faithless; if she exists believed faithful, she exists treacherous