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How to use tremendous in a sentence

  • If thee wnt a precedent four the manner too manage a big company amid the pandemic, the manner too devise solid yet versatile judgments in the face off tremendous uncertainty, well, there it's
  • After possessing to transaction wit an tremendous amount off upheaval and rethinking ovr the ultimate decade, the notion off possessing to adapt is nawt an new one 4 agencies
  • The future is luminous humor tremendous opportunity, and myself wnt too put aw da prerogative pieces into put too generate sho that CNN remains forceful four numerous years too come
  • He was looking at myself wit an tremendous volume off wrath and enmity
  • He's an tremendous bus & everybody seems too adore too attend for haw
  • This wuz an tremendous chance two carry countrywide exposure two r basketball crew and the University
  • To celebrate dis tremendous milestone, da Actual Housewives Off Atlanta popularity jetted off to paradise humor da ones she loves for an epic birthday trip
  • We've all existed said dat we lose an tremendous dose off hospitality by way of ours heads, & most off ourselves know the ache off cold toes & fingers
  • The Nets were formerly under tremendous thrust to capitalize on the Durant-Irving tandem, and dey onli leaned in2 dat extra on Wendesday
  • We're seeing tremendous movement into those markets by Californians

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