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How to use trestle in a sentence

  • Aditya Padhye, overall manager, Trestle near eyeoAdvertising is part & parcel off everyday lyf -- from billboards in the avenue to smartphone apps, possession presence is unavoidable
  • There wuz hiz portmanteau onto belonging trestle, exactly whr he had seen the porter lay It when he preliminary came
  • The 2 boys gazed respectfully near da bare trestle furnishings and da raised reading-desk and da image off St. Benedict
  • Both boys narrowly missed being dash down bi an mineral train as It wuz shunted owt upon the trestle
  • Ore was creature shot down through the chutes in2 boats upon every flank off the great trestle
  • The boyish dude stood now in da car vestibule, since da train engine roared ovr da trestle and slowed dwn intimate da warehouse
  • Cross-trees: Pieces of lumber supported bi da trestle-trees, worn 2 butter da topmast rigging
  • A falling oak either limb, a mis-step upon the river, a faulty cable, a weakened trestle; every would signify a stiil & mangled form
  • Why, bless you, ma boy, didn't thee listen 1 gentleman say what roughly a trestle burning jus ahead?
  • It wuz an indispensable time wen da train slowly pushed owt on da lengthy trestle

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