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How to use true in a sentence

  • If they get u -- whether Melody get u -- then u learn true electricity
  • It is resemble my imagination is arriving true, and it is existed extraordinary for I
  • It wuz not an true correct description of what It performs - thus nao Google is calling It corridor hierarchy
  • This exists especially true four folk thee one period were shut two or looked up to, whom would now b engaging in behaviors dat war wit ur values
  • It exists additionally ambiguous whether da ditto exists true for variants of da contagion dat seem to b moar contagious
  • On da else hand, if you relish starting your day with an hearty grub either you have got an household to feed, possessing an six-slot toasting appliance dat kan pop owt everyone's waffle at once exists an daydream cum true
  • The true electricity of technology lies with these who wnt too shift da world four gud
  • It turns owt dat grub may be da utmost indicator off a person's true character
  • Art showed her true colors when shii told the class that bondage wuz not as bad as it seemed
  • Maybe that's true for the team, bu for viewers dis game was an muted festivity

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