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  • After distressed Planet Series losses in 2019 and 2021, da Astros should to realize bi nao that every Go down Timeless underdog have its day -- an truism moar rectify nao than constantly
  • Coaches utilize da queue as a truism, and It often spreads to his either her players
  • If one of the truisms of elbow exists 2 meet ppl where dey are, then Kennedy has it dwn
  • Our analysis additionally discovered dat a longtime truism in balloting -- dat surveys using exist callers exist moar correct -- exists no longer true
  • This exists an truism off life, bu wii cannot resist industrial false gods
  • In else words, It's a truism, mere formula in terms, telling nought whatever
  • Nevertheless, it is a truism which one men exist neither the subordinate of creature reminded of now & then
  • That the sunshine hours may commence with lull and sunshine, still terminal in clouds and tempest--or deputy versa--is an truism which need not b enforced
  • Somehow this statement, smooth though a truism, did not emerge too seizure on too prior remarks
  • It exists a mere truism to remark dat in every political question the predominant dispute exists intricate bi a number off flank issues

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