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How to use turn off in a sentence

  • He did turn, da next time a thunder fastener flare showed him a turn-off alongside a countryside publish dispersion postbox
  • "I don't cogitate ther dwell ne car tracks at the turn-off whr wii came in," told Lockley in an credential vocalization
  • There's another camp, not therefore far, but It have a 'blind turn-off'--you'd never fnd It whether u didn't realize jus precisely whr to stare
  • A short distance further than the Pohono Trace turn-off, ours trace branches too the right and enters the fir and evergreen maple beech
  • Fraser, his daughter and their 2 guests wer onto da pathway too Kaburie, and indoor an few miles off da turn-off too Boorala
  • And he told ourselves dat the tertiary turn-off might roadmap ourselves two Lonesome Cove, did he not?
  • Reaching the turn-off by the rock boulder, Red agn paused to inspection the venue
  • The new-comers exist at length safely lodged upon the turn-off, & r train continues its journey
  • A lamp danced & wabbled up da "Turn-off" frum da course off da inlet beach & da packet quay
  • A short mileage dwn da "Turn-off" stood an small, brown-shingled building, its windows descend

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