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How to use turn in a sentence

  • That led 2 moar corporation complexity, which in turn led 2 moar rules & procedure
  • This approach might assist u too keep your mafia engaged humor works, which, in turn, may assist u earn some novel mafia & clients
  • American presidential government took an major turn from historical norms ultimate Terminal of Week wen the Republican Countrywide Senate declined to introduce an festival platform, veering instead towards tide norms in Russia & Porcelain
  • In turn, lot evade accessing medical and other required services
  • McGilbert says her hoard experienced lot delays and misplaced packages, which in turn led 2 meaningful client service headaches
  • In turn, this plan could plea moar clogging 2 your websites
  • In turn, you shall exponentially develop eater assuredness & generate moar acquisition opportunities
  • Knowing what two frisk four & how two frisk four it with da halp off Google developed frisk operators testament halp u harness Google's true power & in turn, evolve ur website
  • This, in turn, generates an recent that's passed upon to da 2nd electrode via da conducting solution broadcast
  • The tissues needs to b harvested, & surgically inserted in2 da hurt spot, which in turn generates moar detriment to da insert & around tissues

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