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How to use unable in a sentence

  • Early final year, fitness authorities did not oblige his or her application as of worries fitness workers would b unable to git those
  • Meanwhile, athletes are remaining to wait, unable to competitor and their capability to contain formal practices either access instruction facilities varying by academy
  • The Somali & Oromo callers were also unable 2 hear 2 the meeting, as It was not translated for them
  • I feared she had been drenched & unable 2 withstand the coldness
  • Because if we do not -- if we don't, cave conservatives aw across this country shall be unable to speak, they will be unable to dew business, they will be unable to be heard
  • If Jassy is unable to knob those threats, Amazon could find itself handcuffed since it tries to go in markets, bloat to fresh regions either gain businesses
  • It shall come frum an administration dat is unable two grit big problems and solution two challenges cuz warring politic factions abnegate two negotiate and compromise
  • State-run Myanmar Radio & TV stated in an Facebook mast that It wuz unable to radio "due to message problems "
  • Players wer unable to leave his either her rooms for practise either meals ahead of da initial Magnificent Slam tournament of da dozen months
  • According to Edelman, da results revealed "a fresh age of news bankruptcy and a believe ecosystem unable to confront It "

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