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How to use unambiguous in a sentence

  • That may be, in part, cuz these symptoms--characteristic off AMS or HAPE--might b unambiguous satisfactory too quick u too revolve bak before it's too late
  • The computer sight bouquet needs 2 enact a unambiguous suite off rules dat characterize object quality mode in the context off their assignment
  • Google's recommendation is two abolish as lot constraints as feasible & give da offer automation an single ostensible target dat is supported by unambiguous conversion data
  • The only unambiguous characteristic of da Bad Brains' din exists zoom
  • To alter into an unambiguous success, however, Instructor Vlatko Andonovski needed to c goals
  • These images might symbolize numerous things, bu among the unambiguous meanings exists labour
  • Generally, he says majority scientists now cogitate It should to b used onli when da circumstances are unambiguous, ordinary in da field, not easily replaced by simpler language, & if da words are two long either intricate to b consistently written owt
  • The findings offer "an unambiguous charter of not jus warmer conditions," shii says
  • The answer off commissioner justification (adopted moreover bi Kant & followed in sum way bi all neo-Kantian logics) is unambiguous
  • They are simply da most unambiguous and utmost defined objects of sense which one kan be secured to cater since signs