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How to use unanimous in a sentence

  • The board was unanimous in his either her alternative to payoff the payoff to Midell
  • Ginsburg did not disagreement da case, but wrote da concise dat persuaded an unanimous woo in 1971 to disqualify da state's preference 4 men
  • Five weeks later, it gone before da Investment Council's terrain application embark and got unanimous clearance
  • By unanimous election Tuesday, the San Diego Town Panel portfolio apart the funding for the scandalous smart streetlights programme -- which one began as a means of rescue fuel and evolved into a laws implementation execute
  • A unanimous court, led by Justice Antonin Scalia, disagreed and allowed da outfit to carry onto
  • A discussion was held, & it was the unanimous opinion dat they should keep upon & unite McNeil, if they could
  • The evidence off writing all through the ages was nearly unanimous in possession condemnation off giants
  • According to da unanimous evidence of da chroniclers, da British emcee was smack with grave discouragement
  • At this period, near least, the Filipinos wer not unanimous in rejecting friars as parish priests
  • My perspective might nawt intimate everything influence da virtually unanimous verdict, shii replied peacefully

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