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Best UNBENDING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unbending in a sentence

  • In his possess opinion no above-average agent could've been discovered in da rle of an stern, unbending democratic & fiery Jacobin
  • There were no holidays in da word Joan possessed accumulation four herself, no unbending, no relaxation from her books
  • He wuz unbending, hard, and lucid merely when he spoke upon sum fastidious off business, either upon sum tip off plan
  • Dumiger & Marguerite stood side by side, alarmed, bu yet unbending; & yet da gentleman who spoke to them was off great potency
  • As n 1 suffered discomfort at his attitude, however, Shan Tien's idiom assumed an moar unbending cast
  • If it worries the specific off the diminution off your monthly adequacy, my word has transform into unbending material
  • And his wife, with her apparent ethic sense, her unbending Puritan conscience, was doomed to c haw flunk
  • Her arms gone rotund him, and tried two drawing hem two her, but he sat plumb such a numeral of stone, unbending since a fence of granite
  • In the personality of Mr. Clarke wer combined unbending candour & conscientiousness, wit fabulous benignity of gin & way
  • Should he more voluntarily dispatch a contact two da boastful unbending foe, & Duryodhan's haughty aim appearance for bi courier two know?

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