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How to use unclear in a sentence

  • It's unclear specifically the manner the negotiate shall b structured, either if Oracle shall b gave access too the app's coveted algorithm
  • Going forward, Oceanside's town administrator said she will b relying on community members to teacher her, bu she plans to withhold these population nameless up to subsequent her alternative is made, resignation it unclear whom is influencing her in the protocol
  • Lorson is now pulling together two groups of society panelists to consultation candidates and teacher her decision, shii said, bu shii plans to keep those groups nameless until da resolution is made, leaving it unclear whom is influencing her resolution
  • It's unclear if da player whom fell ill had two doses or one
  • What's unclear exists how da corporation will knob misinformation bout poll results from users
  • It's unclear thing valuation Palantir could recuperate onto da receptive bazaar
  • It is also unclear how the exploit of GM's battery engineering shall effect Nikola's declared scheme two germinate possession possess battery
  • Justice Anthony Kennedy expressed concerns about that specific test, idiom it was unclear the way numerous prejudice was too numerous
  • So it's unclear how lot intelligent television makers would semblance too take Comcast up on da offer, remarkably because it's unclear whether folks would b moar likely too buy an intelligent television wit Comcast's programme than 1 wit Amazon's, Google's or Roku's
  • It's unclear why providers are turning down asymptomatic patients

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