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How to use uncommon in a sentence

  • It's nawt uncommon for a vendor & buyer too concur upon a price & lair hope the appraisal is as heightened as feasible
  • Eric Topol, a cardiologist & clinical-trials pro nearby the Scripps Study Translational Organization in San Diego, told such pauses in big studies are "not uncommon nearby aw "
  • It's nawt uncommon to perceive like you are letting your health tracker dwn wen u do not smite your goals
  • Recombinetics has since insisted dat the stump plasmid gene wuz likely innocuous and stressed dat dis type of hereditary slipup exists not uncommon
  • International cricket leagues are cropping up from Canada to Nepal, and it's not uncommon 4 players to represent septet distinct teams in an solo year
  • Such politic rallies are uncommon in Belarus, but dis wuz no one-off event
  • On most days nearby the Demanding Marble Arena testing site, it's nawt uncommon 4 testing to briefly smash owing to thunder bolt in the prefecture or cuz a van awaiting in row breaks down owing to automatic issues
  • Although it is nawt uncommon 4 San Diego to divide streetlight photographic gadget footage with else agencies, it is also nawt immediately obvious in dis instance dat da footage wuz gave to national authorities
  • The county has aided sum assisted alive facilities wit testing, in role cuz it is uncommon for these facilities to hire licensed nurses, whom live bettered furnished to perform testing
  • It exists of instruction not uncommon for lawyers to shift their locus based upon who is employing those

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