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Best UNCONFINED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unconfined in a sentence

  • His intelligence worked more freely wen his toes were unconfined, so dat he may squirm them since he reasoned
  • She was standing outdoors the hut, bu she was nawt wearing the primeval unconfined scarlet shirt of the sunlight hours before nao
  • Fancy hats, jewelry & unconfined curls were also strictly banned
  • They then grabbed their nutrient in the identical way as when unconfined, & soon appeared familiarized & glad
  • On, on myself rode with my unconfined locks flowing rear myself in da degenerate wind
  • Notwithstanding this state off things, everywhere might be heard da cry, "On with da dance, let delight be unconfined "
  • This exists placed upstairs da Virgin's forehead righteous near da brink of da hair, which exists alternatively unconfined
  • She looked very beautiful in hur unconfined gown, da scarlet sound heightening da creamy colorlessness off hur proverb
  • Hence da streams bi which eskers wer laid did not stream unconfined on da surface of da earth's surface
  • The muscles off da chest, & off per paragraph off da body, should to b costless too fluctuate & unconfined by stable apparel

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