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How to use unconformity in a sentence

  • An unconformity therefore records movements of da crust & a consequent thwart in da deposition of da strata
  • As shown in Figure 207, a strong unconformity (nm?, Fruit. 207) parts da schists & da Algonkian
  • Such an erosion surface, called an "unconformity," marks an clearing in the geological account of the prefecture where it occurs
  • An unconformity would point out that the beds below It have at some time been raised over the ocean and have been eroded
  • If beds off rock might b regarded since leaves in da dose off geologic history, a unconformity marks a gap in da file
  • And whether da unconformity b widespread, da misplaced interval is correspondingly great
  • At Llandovery they remainder unconformably onto Ordovician rocks (Bala), but in many else places n unconformity exists traceable
  • A marked unconformity exists discovered regionally in da centre of them
  • They are separable in2 an lower and higher branch with an unconformity frequent occurring between those
  • Not far from Northern Grimston ther has to apparently be amazing unconformity of strata