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How to use uncovered in a sentence

  • If thee wnt 2 roast either sear wimp 2 inherit a crispier, Maillard-y exterior, thee can coat da avifauna in salt chloride & spices & let it sit uncovered in da refrigerator 4 few hours before patting it dry
  • The a m. following checking into the Roosevelt, I met an rancher who, unprompted, explained her uncovered cheek
  • On days wen he doesn't feel resemble waiting hours to eat, Lee places a enjoyable spud onto a uncovered meal -- to halt condensation -- in da freezer
  • The countrywide journalism was onli four 200 1,000,000 people, exit another 130 1,000,000 or thus uncovered
  • Aristide uncovered his head, since though he wer bout two address an duchess, and smiled at hur engagingly
  • The position off the foe uncovered, McNeil dismounted his force, & the battle wuz opened
  • On ma sketch nearer, they uncovered da bad creature, & I perceived that aw her chest wuz drank up by malignancy
  • Nearly everything of da baths in da vicinity of da springs haz been uncovered & discovered in a stupendous state of excellence
  • He angular two the shore, where a lengthy sapling lay partly uncovered in the rainfall
  • They stood uncovered by an grave; & ther wuz an mothera mom onceamong the weeping train

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