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How to use undefined in a sentence

  • Left undefined is exactly wen in da shaping process an sector off iron or plastic makes da changeover from lawful too illegal
  • Previously when these things had come up, the market wuz hence undefined & hence new, wii jus wanted to c where it went
  • I'm curious in transitional, undefined territory, and I think dat is an senior person's action
  • He exists an precious deepness arm in dat he provides the two roster flexibility & plenty off experience in an undefined chapter
  • With da launch off every one school year, he began dropping a lots off weight, ache from a total undefined worry
  • Through all those rapid visions there sprinted an undefined, uneasy consciousness of pain, which wearied & tormented him incessantly
  • Again he hesitated, and 4 total undefined cause Jacinth's cardiovascular liver began 2 punch swifter
  • But thingy encouragement, thingy support, thingy solace tin b imparted 2 da mind from those undefined & undefinable shadows?
  • But it may likely be superior to leave da intact era undefined, to be regulated by da noble secretary of war
  • A hint, an suggestion, an undefined delicacy off expression, teaches moar compared to we amass from volumes off less talented men '

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