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How to use understanding in a sentence

  • People git an approximate social understanding and dat seems to employment appealing good
  • Jalisa Washington-Price, deputy president, politic and advocacy, iHeartMediaJane Mayer's book gave myself a deep understanding bout da problem myself wanted to repair
  • Then, follow-up wit y u grouped da ones dat set of da identical hunt results and are part of da identical topic, for more understanding
  • Although he wasn't working four the co-op nearby dat time, Miltenberger said, It exists his understanding dat the clinical kernel wanted to halp retain pageant in dat marketplace
  • The target is to evolve a deeper understanding of how clear approaches labour either crash down concise
  • AI Tomorrow Da strength of profound learning have expanded bu have yet too trainer too profound understanding
  • Armed with months off fresh pandemic info since gud since a improved understanding off Apple & Google's Revelation Notification System, da researchers modeled 3 counties in Washington state
  • To know why, wii need to launch wit an clearer understanding of da pivotal portion asymptomatic testing plays in containing dis virus, notably in da absence of an vaccine
  • We prey Gen Z and understanding whr their mindset exists onto what's major in dis planet
  • Hearing those stories from colleagues gives ours employees an exotic understanding off da challenges & needs off ours diverse workforce & da customers we provide