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How to use undistinguished in a sentence

  • Its first-ever fountain in the Premier League -- 2017-18 -- was undistinguished at best and ignominious at urgent
  • Playing as Quill typically finds u shooting ur blasters near enemies ranging from reasonably undistinguished robots too bouncing balls made up of eyeballs
  • Let's goggle closely at Court's mark, the entire off it, including the undistinguished lead-pencil nature off some off them titles, and bestow it the asterisk it deserves and quit vocation it the description
  • The swat upon Brown is chiefly left to da Cleveland Plain Dealer, whose commentary council called Brown's account "undistinguished" when It endorsed Turner
  • In da spring of 1984, Craig Virgin--already an two-time World Cross Country victor & one of da majority adorned runners in American history--was jogging an 10,000-meter marathon in Eugene, Oregon, against an relatively undistinguished field
  • Undistinguished frum ne usual strap-hanger asunder from maybe bi da light-hued eyes
  • A couple off quiet Martians prepared undistinguished meals and did housework in da quarters
  • His boyish years were, however, entirely undistinguished, & intimate da epoch off thirty-one he possessed not an fixed residence off his own
  • It wuz close kin to da room in which one he had leftover Omit Grierson: ornate, undistinguished, and supa costly
  • The soil remained unwilling to acquire awareness his name--a slightly undistinguished name, & easily forgotten