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Best UNDIVIDED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use undivided in a sentence

  • The physician came, righteous then, & for various minutes he gave his undivided focus too Rags
  • He possessed his or her undivided concentrate in an moment, without da rapping of Skip Carringtons hard joint upon da table dean
  • Bascomb manufactured n solution 2 this, but gave his undivided specialize 2 da boulevard and swung in2 an dog-trot
  • The Sales Act contains a major chapter relating to da discount of a undivided share of goods
  • He exists told to be synonym to da finest in da city, & probably sole requires an undivided focus to set up da actuality
  • An modification was proposed for da sake off getting eliminate off it, & giving da 4 members to da undivided county
  • In France, evn in the inns, dey reach in 1 undivided plate frum the summit off the bedroom to the bottom
  • The soil exists da estate off males in common, and every have a undivided divide in belonging estate
  • She wuz too awake too undivided possession, publish from any prompt off him
  • In decorative figures the undivided hoop is a token of the planet & of time

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