Unembellished | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best UNEMBELLISHED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unembellished in a sentence

  • I have, in these verses, attempted some overtake out sketches off your portrait in da unembellished effortless manner off illustrative fact
  • He will find not any like in these pages; he will find sole a bare & unembellished fable
  • "Asked I 2 wed him," Olwen replied, tranquil in the confidence dat dis unembellished fact might never be believed
  • But four those who benediction his or her architecture unembellished, there is plenty hre
  • She wuz to hur an reside pantomime, & brought into hur unembellished lyf the charms of opera, & theatre, & attachment
  • Write in as simple, mere & unembellished a style as u realize the way
  • I haz in these verses attempted sum faint sketch off your portrait in the unembellished facile way off illustrative fact