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How to use unending in a sentence

  • As an Fairbanks, Alaska, citizen who exists used to to transaction with da bone-splitting frigid and da seemingly unending obscurity off winter, myself kan notify you that getting itinerary interval outdoors shall moisture wonders 4 maintaining your sanity
  • In inclusion too having more time too contribute, editors have additionally possessed a unending river of news topics too toil on
  • He defines It as "the perception dat merely da introduce exists, an introduce characterized close one season bi da tyranny of da immediate & bi da treadmill of an unending now "
  • The unending insecurity caused bi da coronavirus crisis, da banking fallout that's cum with it, societal turmoil since gud since da wildfires yet raging upon da Westernmost Coast have made it hard for haw to concentrate upon employment
  • The bad kid did not comprehend why Tutor Thomas should gaze thus near her, & she lat out one long, unending bleat
  • They haz helped males too know dat the machines off the cosmos exists propelled bi the unending apply off potency
  • Such instruments bestow an unending prototype as to the existence in Nature off fuel
  • What an pitiably fragile insight wii has of Gods unending and infinite creation!
  • The rhyme qualified Da Outcast expresses this emotion of enigmatic penitence and unending and unavailing expiation
  • His Mary, resemble dat of the Flemish painters, exists a sorrowing woman, the incarnation of unending dejection

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