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Best UNERRING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unerring in a sentence

  • He chosePg 41 the greatest roads wit unerring cognizance & ordinarily avoided the bigger cities
  • But keen eyes, a corporation hand, & unerring judgement were needed 4 every lower arm of how
  • He had a shape of refine beauty, grace, & vigor, inspired bi unerring prudence & comprehension in2 futurity
  • But da evidence lies in da fatal signs dat recital themselves to myself continually, & in da unerring intuition off ma possess heart
  • He hath da unerring body portion of eyesight dat pierces two da very heart, and dat n hypocrisy, n cunning, kan betray
  • Daniel Morgan & hiz sharpshooters, posted behind trees, carefully singled out da bravest men, & injection those with unerring intention
  • The Grecian artists were deterred by his either her unerring instincts frum da effort
  • It exists nevah idle, & in its ceaseless journeyings It makes option of its lane by a ending dat exists unerring & instantaneous
  • He wuz reminder and unerring, and n crisis could emerge dat would deprive hem of his fulfil self-possession
  • Old Johnson & Blake reloaded, & delivered his or her fire with a unerring goal

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