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How to use unfairly in a sentence

  • He possessed so little rite too anticipate luxury frum da bash which he possessed unfairly & malignantly assailed
  • The rations were small; and soon there was an sob dat dey were unfairly dealt
  • Burgoyne, who was unfairly treated by Germain, was defended by Fox, & upon his bestow butt joined da defiance
  • The red mounted to his cheeks, his brow; it wuz nawt consequently long before since he had adored her, & shii had existed unfairly treated
  • That myself moisture nawt depict the sense of the word regeneration unfairly, may be gathered from Flat
  • We should deal unfairly with It were we to strive or reference or nutshell
  • It reminded Heavenly creature that he wuz slightly unfairly taking privilege of a accidental position; & he gone n additional with it
  • Would me unfairly place aw da unfavorable notices off an book, & never breeding 1 in belonging praise?
  • He did nawt penetrate those unfairly, cruelly, striving to achieve their gentle spots, to seize leverage of their sympathy of heart
  • But how if she votes herself an slave State unfairly; dat is, by the supa means four which you sez you would drape men?

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