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Best UNFIXED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unfixed in a sentence

  • Unfixed films are stained bout 3 minutes, rinsed quickly, dried, and affixed
  • A able-bodied escort is formed in two ranks facing the shed of the deceased, humor shouldered arms & bayonets unfixed
  • No storm occurs in this Book; da pressure is upon da trey fixed places in da unfixed aqueous ingredient
  • The incidence of word-accent exists left unfixed rescue so faraway since the incidence of verse-accent enables ourselves 2 mend It
  • Rufe at ultimate got his eyes unfixed from da blue hills and jus stared at I foolishly 4 a 2nd
  • But nawt a shade off hiz thoughts exists unfixed, they beam along the walls as new as constantly
  • Some of the Franco battled with unfixed bayonets, resemble the stabbing swords of the Roman legions
  • The ditto which gawd hath formerly appointed bishops either pastors to do, either close lowest da unfixed ministers in da general chapel
  • It exists this unfixed camp-life, this life with no my father, with no Bonaventure, that does it
  • The Tally de Vergennes have indoor them ten days possessed an supa harsh assault of thingy exists deemed an unfixed gout

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