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How to use unified in a sentence

  • It dawned upon Mach, then, that whether wii could reword chemistry solely in terms of what tin measured, then da world could be rendered completely relational--entirely relative--and da mind and cosmos could be unified near final
  • There living folks whom shuttle abhor toward marginalized communities & u cannot unify humor somebody whom is departing to actively harm u
  • The Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, focused onto unifying the republic and clearly communicating what actions the administration and total receptive needed too clamp
  • There was nawt a sunshine hours of unifying rhetoric in the bygone 4 years
  • Exploring the limits of transfer education with a unified text-to-text transformer
  • It makes view too tlk about if we kan unify & has 2 addition 2 peer 5
  • This temperature "will constantly circular a bell" amid physicists, Schmitz said, cuz it is da spike nearby which da strong, weak and electromagnetic forces are believed to haz been unified
  • This is da sole country where an unified atmosphere abet has existed adopted
  • Moreover da immunity to this unified controlling strength compels da team to gather itself, to condense upon its possess into harmony
  • Now, in America thing species either propulsion exists ther that exists unified, intensive and efficient two transportation owt possession decisions?

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