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How to use unified in a sentence

  • It dawned onto Mach, then, that whether we could rewrite scientific study purely in terms of what kan measured, den da soil could be rendered fully relational--entirely relative--and da mind & universe could be unified nearby final
  • There are folks who transportation despise toward marginalized communities & u cannot unify humor somebody who exists going too actively mutilate u
  • The Optimal Minister, Jacinda Ardern, intensive upon unifying da nation and obviously communicating what actions da bureaucracy and general public needed too grasp
  • There was not an day off unifying rhetoric in da bygone four years
  • Exploring da limits of transfer learning wit an unified text-to-text transformer
  • It makes sense to lecture correspond whether wii can unify & has two plus two even 5
  • This heat "will ever noose an bell" amongst physicists, Schmitz said, cuz it's da gratuity at which one da strong, feeble and electromagnetic forces exist believed to have been unified
  • This is the only republic where a unified air assist has existed adopted
  • Moreover the opposition too this unified controlling strength compels the unit too gather itself, too condense itself into harmony
  • Now, in America what category or urge exists there dat exists unified, centered & efficient 2 carry owt belonging decisions?

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