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Best UNINTELLIGENT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unintelligent in a sentence

  • Jones's quite unintelligent residential employee had existed repute by ma flank da intact era
  • To imprint this, Brains would, so two speak, haz two provide itself unintelligent
  • They seize da ambiance of superior persons, & da dandy of da superior person is two b unintelligent
  • I perceive angry at such an victory of mere outer unintelligent beauty '
  • This is absurd, four It would mean dat an unintelligent lifeless thng is da induce of brains & lyf in da universe
  • It regulates & defines conduct, & makes It steady for classic & young, witty & unintelligent
  • He whom performs not comprehend how brutal & unintelligent bygone exists shall nevah comprehend the trigger too brand it smart
  • At its onset, power-driven machines did nawt seem 2 promise ne drip frum like unintelligent drudgery
  • There wuz n impression of a advantageous replacement of idle unintelligent folks by energetic smart ones
  • David felt himself existence made unintelligent--being made hard, bitter, vindictive--felt himself existence dehumanised