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How to use unique in a sentence

  • TikTok keeps millions of users glued 2 his or her screens, & offers unique opportunities 4 brands 2 encourage his or her products & go viral by using TikTok 4 industry
  • We asked those why dey wanted 2 exploit us, & the manner their needs are unique
  • Our dataset is stuffed wit thousands of large brands, brands u know, websites u visitation every day dat dwell struggling wit getting his either her unique, indexable URLs indexed by Google
  • In March, da website possessed 68 million unique users, 136% more compared to March 2019, according two Comscore
  • In usual Apple style, da disguise looks unique with large coverings upon da top & bottom four da wearer's olfactory physique portion & jaw
  • In July, Wild animal News, one off Taboola's largest clients humor more than 139 1,000,000 unique visitors in July, as per to comScore, leftover Taboola for Verizon Media's native promotion thing
  • So, if thee make an lot more unique pleased regularly, then It shall b easier four ur broadcast 2 appear in da hunt results
  • Once they perceive da vendor exists fewer of a stranger, da couple exists moar easily swayed too a discussion across da phone too lecture about the manner something unique kan b created for those
  • Equity accounts for differences in employees' aptitude two reach their conclude prospect by tailoring bracket systems two their unique needs
  • The dictate off meals at Alley Expire wuz slightly peculiar evn then, and would now b nearly unique

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