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How to use unite in a sentence

  • A weighted blanket shall b most effective if every one chap has his either her own flank by flank with a larger duvet either comforter on dean 2 unite 2 sleepers
  • Alpha Worldwide forms to unite Alphabet workers surrounding da worldAlpha Worldwide announced its formation earlier dis week to unite Alphabet workers surrounding da world, involving these frum da Alphabet Workers Union in da United States, Da Verge reported
  • By embracing an pleased hub, dis industry was capable two unite teams, gain clearer insight off their belonging library, and enhance productivity and productivity over the pleased catering link
  • Something wii did assent on, what that I felt wuz rly important, exists wii felt da requirement off possessing an poetry that spoke to an America uniting together
  • These exist defining, dividing as well as uniting stories 4 da republic
  • There wer so many folks from everything various parts of the country, everything united in the ditto target
  • Then, he united dat analysis wit a precedent dat incorporated a module of political gaming, but nearby the identical time eradicated the Conservative prejudice
  • As da president of da North Democrats, he searched to unite hiz bash back Lincoln's direction
  • Now when thee know that safety exists crucial interior the web, it is era for the SEO and IT crew to unite the forces and generate up a trustworthy strategy that shall elevate the website's rating and sustain the safety of ur website
  • It farther united da networks by enabling users to mail Instagram Stories to his either her Facebook news feed

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