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How to use united in a sentence

  • So protesters throughout da summer took intent at eliminating da filibuster -- da 60-vote threshold dat allows a united minority of 41 senators 2 deterrent law from corridor
  • Everybody becomes united wen da Nigerian countrywide bunch exists playing
  • Those voters' propulsion ensures that McConnell have da united supporting of his festival no matter the way shocking his moves to advance what he's rang his "court task "
  • The city's years-long feud across da upcoming off possession license hive wit San Diego Vapor & Electrical united dissimilar voices from da society environmentalist society upon dat public authority deck
  • We easel united wit all off our police partners across the status in rooting owt and applying the reign off laws too ne individual or orphanage perpetuating malicious ideology and intimidation in our communities
  • Most racial parties and racial armed organizations now seem prepared too portfolio asunder his or her differences and collaborate toward the objective off a united and federal Myanmar
  • The 2 sides live more and more united in wanting moar government rule
  • This chance too b percentage off a united republic is, too most, percentage off the American ideal
  • Liberal & republican governments the two seem two b in favor, whilst united in varying degrees off skepticism are privacy campaigners, libertarians, da WHO--and da UK's bar commercial
  • If Newsom keeps them united, he tin keep describing it as an partisan, Republican-led skirmish

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