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Best UNPROTECTED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unprotected in a sentence

  • You propulsion an unprotected youthful girl out off ur house, cuz she happens to b dear to me!
  • Even an slight breeze blowing upon its little body, whether unprotected, may outcome in death
  • I assume there I ought to numeral as an wicked seducer, whilst an unprotected feminine succumbed to my fascinations
  • Nadia at last spoke too him off antique Marfa, & off how unprotected shii would be in the midst off everything these events
  • He couldn't sez he was a blackguard who'd taken privilege of a needy unprotected woman cuz shii loved him
  • Unprotected since me am--wishing u well--very well--why ought to u compel me to sez either dew item would lessen me in my own eyes?
  • Then, too, it occurred 2 him dat he have to nawt depart the ranch unprotected
  • Then ur intrusion is dat of an coward, whether thee knew dat me was unprotected
  • The eyes are unprotected bi eyelids, but da resilient husk and their spot afford total protection
  • "The behind wall is ragged owt & da men would b unprotected frum behind," da clerk answered