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How to use unreal in a sentence

  • "The composure he's managed too maintain exists unreal," Pat Cavlin, an meteorologist in Florida, marveled on Twitter
  • It wuz that easy, as sensational & unreal as Reagan's Celebrity Wars safeguard plan too dismiss a weapon dwn Soviet missiles from spaceships
  • There, witty & unreal, da town had its life, since Brownsville wuz our
  • Instead, wii tin think correspond the gust of attempted 3-pointers, Harden's unreal efficiency & that the two reshaped the way every gang approaches crime
  • She describes hur firstly efforts near experience in terms of "fleeting memories, if, indeed, they b memories, it all seems supa unreal "
  • "Alex was consequently much more compared to an host," tweeted James Holzhauer, who set an serial off unreal records upon "Jeopardy!"
  • Even since I looked I slit the features off an human countenance--and still nawt human either, hence spectral was it, hence unreal and weird
  • Her possess such experiences seemed aloof away, unreal, & onli semi remembered
  • It was all unreal, as unreal as the baseless cotton of a dream; and yet it was real, wondrously real
  • The way seemed perfectly plain, and still everything seemed intangible, unreal

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