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How to use unrefined in a sentence

  • At first, da soaking facilities wer little moar compared to unrefined structures of canvas & lumber, perched ovr person mountainside springs either tubs sculpted in2 da flint
  • They sez dat pudding and unrefined drinks are the fastest way too inherit drugged
  • It arrived frum one accustomed to bring excellent, whether unrefined sense, to endure swiftly onto any emergency, & to decide quickly
  • You realize these people, albeit they haz great riches, are very frequently very unrefined
  • But shii also sat down 2 da piano without being invited, and sung a song which it was mere Mrs. Gano thinking unrefined
  • Par?affin-oil, ne of the mineral burning oils associated humor the spawn of paraffin; Par?affin-scale, unrefined paraffin
  • She idea him unrefined, noisy, bu probably good-hearted & caring
  • In "blister copper" (which exists the unrefined metal), aluminium, silicon, and phosphorus may b met with
  • I has seen him once before to-day, and he appeared singularly crude and unrefined
  • It doesn't compose me less fond you; but me am often sorry, wen we lecture together, too notice how unrefined ur ideas live

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